Clean Without Chemicals‘ products are chemical free and using them stops the polluting of our water. Cleaning is a pleasure when it’s quick and easy! It has changed my way of thinking about cleaning. Cleaning is no longer a chore, there is a perfect answer, it just depends on the colour of the cloth.

My personal favorite is the green Glass cloth followed by the Polishing cloth; mirrors and glass is a breeze with no smears and smudges!

I have found myself telling people about Clean Without Chemicals at any opportunity!

E Millis Vic

“Clean Without Chemicals cloths are absolutely the real deal. They removed stains I thought were uncleanable; and one stain in particular I actually assumed was a burn in my kitchen bench. These cloths, particularly the glass cloth, make a mockery of liquid glass cleaners. I just assumed my windows would always be streaky until I started using Clean Without Chemicals products.”

S Brumley Vic

Clean Without Chemicals cleaning products have given me a new perception on “clean!”

My sinks and stainless steel appliances look shinier and cleaner than ever before.

I have spent lots of money over the years on conventional cleaning products, obtaining reasonable results. After using the Clean Without Chemicals cloths and KING soap, I can’t believe the difference – the results are just fantastic, comparing the difference is astonishing!

It is also reassuring that they are all solvent free and environmentally friendly.

My allergies have decreased since using these cleaning alternatives – Clean Without Chemicals really is a one stop shop for all my cleaning needs”.

B Clair NSW

“We’ve used Clean Without Chemicals products already many times.  Amazing!  Where do I begin to list the successful results???  Our Natuzzi sofa that I thought could only be left to the professional cleaners (and chemicals)… SPOTLESS!  I used the bathroom cloth with the GEL stain remover and voila!  Gerard cleaned the upholstery of our car as well (children!!!!!) – effortlessly cleaned within minutes.  Then there are our dining chairs… CLEAN!  Our espresso machine sparkles and after Julia accidentally broke a cup (tiny ceramic particles all over the tiles…) the dust mop collected it all, whilst the ceramic/tile mop fixed the rest!!!! BRILLIANT!

Gerard was shocked to see me clean without gloves, without getting rashes, without getting asthma from cleaning sprays… and cleaning everything and anything to beyond sparkly brand-new finish within MINUTES!  Ah… cleaning is now a pleasure!”

L Demarte VIC

“I honestly have never used a product as good as Clean Without Chemicals. I recommend that they are the best chemical free cleaning products on the market. Exceptional quality and they last, and when you try one product you will want to have them all!”

Antoinette VIC

“I’m a guy and I leave the cleaning to my wife, but I have to tell you that when I cleaned the windows with the microfibre glass cloth I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how clean the windows were, it was as though the glass wasn’t even there and there was no need to use a chemical spray. I will definitely clean the windows again”.

Peter VIC