Our Company

Clean Without Chemicals was created in Melbourne, Australia in 2012 after the birth of our first child. We became concerned with the amount of chemicals around the home and how they affected our family’s health and the environment. 

We researched chemical free cleaning products around the world and discovered a unique and innovative range from Italy. We tried the products and instantly loved the quality and results, and wanted to share them with others. 

Clean Without Chemicals Microfibre Technology

Clean Without Chemicals microfibre cloths are made with a unique ultra Microfibre technology. Our microfibre cleaning products use the latest manufacturing technology and best quality from Italy.

Clean Without Chemicals Ultra Microfibre is made from finer denier than traditional microfibre cleaning cloths, resulting in more fibres per square inch producing a superior cleaning result.

Clean Without Chemicals went a step further and combined two materials, Polyester and Polyamide, into one fabric via a complex industrial process of ‘chemically splitting’ the fibres resulting in two component Ultra Microfibre.

Polyester absorbs water and attracts dirt and bacteria with its electrostatic properties while Polyamide removes grease. The combination of the two has created a unique range of cleaning products made in Italy to the high quality we expect from Italian manufacturing.

All Clean Without Chemicals’ products conform to OECD standards of biodegradability for environmentally friendly products.

Clean Without Chemicals microfibre cloths and natural cleaning products will benefit your family’s health and reduce their exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals. 

Experience the miracle of microfibre with Clean Without Chemicals Ultra Microfibre cleaning cloths. 

We encourage you to replace your toxic household cleaning chemicals with Clean Without Chemicals for the benefit of your health, your family’s health and the environment.

Diane & Peter Curtis