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About Clean Without Chemicals

CLEAN WITHOUT CHEMICALS are a range of green cleaning products online in Australia. We stock microfibre cleaning cloths and natural cleaning products for the home. Our eco cleaning products are of the highest quality made in Italy from the latest technology by IsyLaif. Our mission is to encourage you to replace your toxic household chemicals for the benefit of your family’s health and the environment.


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Clean Without Chemicals – Microfibre Cloths


Clean Without Chemicals‘ products are chemical free and using them stops the polluting of our water. Cleaning is a pleasure when it’s quick and easy! It has changed my way of thinking about cleaning. Cleaning is no longer a chore, there is a perfect answer, it just depends on the colour of the cloth.

My personal favorite is the green Glass cloth followed by the Polishing cloth; mirrors and glass is a breeze with no smears and smudges!

I have found myself telling people about Clean Without Chemicals at any opportunity!

E Millis Vic

“I honestly have never used a product as good as Clean Without Chemicals. I recommend that they are the best chemical free cleaning products on the market. Exceptional quality and they last, and when you try one product you will want to have them all!”

Antoinette VIC

“I’m a guy and I leave the cleaning to my wife, but I have to tell you that when I cleaned the windows with the microfibre glass cloth I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how clean the windows were, it was as though the glass wasn’t even there and there was no need to use a chemical spray. I will definitely clean the windows again”.

Peter VIC